About Me

I am a software engineer from Ibadan, Nigeria. I specialise in building high-performance software that harness the power of modern technologies to deliver remarkable experiences.

I started my journey back in 2018 selling my apps at the university hostel literally going from room to room. I have since then built software for engineers, researchers, entrepreneurs and the Government.

In early 2022, I helped solve the Delta State Government's multi billion Naira tax revenue dispute by building a reconciliation software that helped identify faulty transactions across hundreds of thousands of bank records. My software out performed the Government's multi-billlion Naira software by at least 1000%. The impact? It saved people from going to jail.

From software programs that detect faulty transactions for the Government and an application for close inspection of subjects' fingerprints to predict early diabetes, to AI-powered virtual emergency response agents over phone call, to a platform for deploying intelligent autonomous copilots; I have built software for engineers, entrepreneurs, scientists and even the Government.

Now, I bring ambitious AI ideas to life through my AI production studio, 0xIntelligence. I also consult for founders looking to harness the power of modern AI. I have worked with builders across the globe; from the US to Europe to Africa.

The best way to reach me is through email: [email protected]